Types of Nomadism

Yachts in harbour

Nomadism doesn't have to mean travelling every day. Most nomads throughout history would set up camp for months on end. You may want to move every day but this is unlikely to be desirable over long time frames.

Digital Nomads

Technology is getting ever smaller. Every year digital devices become more mobile and power efficient. You can now buy a watch with more computing power than a supercomputer from only a few decades ago. Mobile broadband means you can connect to the Internet well away from a phone line. It is possible to carry a music and book collection that only a few decades ago would have filled several rooms, on a memory stick smaller than a fingernail.

History of Nomadism

Nomads moving camp

The word nomad comes from the ancient Greek word nomas, meaning one who wanders to find pastures for grazing.

The history of nomadism goes back much further. Before agriculture all homo-sapiens would have been nomads, constantly moving around to find food and escape the harshest weather.

The development of agriculture about 10,000 years ago meant a move towards a more settled existence. However, in many areas nomadism was still practiced. Herds of livestock would be moved from place to place to avoid depleting the land.

Philosophy of Nomadism

Nomadic family

Does a way of life need a philosophy? Do the vast majority of people who live and work in one place consciously follow a philosophy? Probably not. But people will say of nomadism, 'what if everyone lived like that'? Well, what if they did? The world would be a much better place if everyone practiced nomadism as so many of the world's problems are due to people dividing it up and saying - this part belongs to me.

Become a Nomad

Are you bored of living in the same place, seeing the same places and faces day in day out? Have you had enough of paying extortionate rents and don't fancy taking on mountains of mortgage debt? Would you like to leave your job and go travel the world? Or are you retired and dream of selling your house to go travelling?


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